22. dec. 2014

TDRS releases a snippet!

Read the snippet from the upcoming book Elias & the stories of the accidents part 1 here:

20. nov. 2014

get you 2015 calendar now!

screenshot of the new calendar
The danish railway series is proud to pronounce that a new 2015 calendar is available at Lulu.com. Each month will feature a different type of rolling stock and its history.
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26. sep. 2014

new artwork, new titles

Hey all
first off i'd like to say sorry for not keeping this website updated all the time. I'm doing my best but as it is there is much going on around education and such. However i'm progressing in terms of the artwork on the books, so far book 2's front cover illustation is progressing smoothly and so is the one for the book about the D-class dagmar. Examples of both can be seen below. I hope to have more news soon.

The illustration for the book "the story of Dagmar"

The front cover illustration for Book 2 "Elias and the stories of the accident"

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30. jul. 2014

news 30th july 2014

Hey folks, now there's news again!

An idea of ​​change in the histories has occurred and a major buch of rewriting has commenced. What this change means I will not reveal yet but so far I just want to let you know that work continues.


21. jul. 2014

a major change might be coming...

Okay folks, now comes possibly one of the biggest changes ever!

the TDRS have long been aware that this project is to some extent similar to Thomas and friends (also know as the railway series) and it's something that the TDRS are extremely conscious of.

Therefore, Book II and the subsequent re-release of Book I may result in "Fredrik" disappears from the title, this does not mean that he is not in the books merely that he has a different position regarding story telling.

About wether the changes will occur is not known yet it must be planned first, but it does so that the work on the books is going to stand still for a while.
hope to write more news for you soon!


13. jul. 2014

a small delay :/

During the work for book 2, i've switched layout software (InDesign) and decided to use the opportunity to rewrite some of my stories that i've lately have found either historically incorrect or not satisfied with the way i wrote them in the first place. The rewrite is expected to delay the project a bit, that and the fact that i'm not gonna be able to start with the illustrations before the layout is done, so i don't expect the book to be published before december 2014 or january 2015. I'm sorry for anyone who would have hoped the book would be published sooner.


16. jun. 2014

Sorry for no updates in ages!

The work on the second book is well underway

                                            an illustration from the coming book

At the moment not much work is being done on the english version since the danish version, takes top priority. So far 8 stories have been written and a 9th underway these will be translated once the danish book is done and ready for publishment, on top of that some illustration are also underway and on the picture you can see one of them.

I hope to bring you more news soon!