19. apr. 2015

my tablet is working again! (also "the story of Dagmar updates)

A test illustration for the book "The Story Of Dagmar"
Though there's not much to say about the books at the moment, alot is actually going on. For example ive got my tablet to work again resulting in a test in a diffrent art software that i had lying around on my macbook. The end result was very surprising and a promising factor to the times ahead.

The illustration is a test, for a final illustrations that i will make later on when the final draft of the mentioned book is being worked on.

Speaking of draft, the first draft of the translated first chapter of the book has been returned to the author from the TDRS editor and is now being read through as new changes will be made, before sending the text back to the editor again. It is my sole wish that i can push as much history into the book as possible but still keeping it a fun and educating book.

There's alot of danish railway history to be put into this one and what i can reveal is that Dagmar will tell a little resumé of the beginning of railways and how they came to Denmark and the impact they made on the population.

I'm trying the best i can to keep the to versions of the TDRS, the danish and english leveled, but working on two languages at the same time is somewhat difficult. Very difficult actually.

I know that both versions will have the same story, just told in a way that fit the certain language used in each version, though danish words will be added to the english version in order to teach children about the original danish term for diffrent things.

Updates on the second book in project 2016, Elias & the highspeed train, is still in the works and undergoing some much needed writing. But so far no illustrationtest are being carried out, but are to be carried out later this year and before the planned start of the "official" final illustrations, that are to appear in the The Danish Railway Series books.

Anyway this is all i had for now, more news later!
Sebastian Berthelsen