5. jun. 2018

The summer is approaching, but there's still a long way yet!

TDRS' new logo

Baby steps

It hasn't been since the start of the year that there last was an update from the project, and therefore it is time for exactly that. With the summer fast approaching and by that the vacation, it is time to asses how much has been done by now.
To tell the truth it isn't much. Both books are halfway but has been written on furiously at in different turns, but due to the exam period it has been decided to postpone the writing until after the last exam. 

How does the prospect look like for the release? 

In the rate that the current writing work has been completed, things are looking promising and therefore its assumed that the writing work can be completed within the span of 2 years. 

In the meantime it has also been decided to change out the logo, to show the outside world that at least some sort of progress is taking place, if not only in baby steps. 

And with that TDRS signs of for the summer. I'll be looking forward to update you on the other side of July, and who knows? maybe you'll see a new article on the blog during the vacation? 

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