29. jan. 2015

a new year and new plans!

Project 2016 is GO!

Now for the careful reader, some might say: "dont you mean 2015?" and the answer to that will be no. The reason why i call this post "Project 2016" is because i've hit a point in my work where i like what and i draw and what i write. On top of that i've collected some excellent friends to help correcting my english in the books.

When talking about the artwork i have two examples to show you, the one is a frontcover illustration the other is a back cover:

Front cover test, for "Elias & The highspeed train"
Here shown with the title in Danish.

A sketch for the backcover of "The story of Dagmar"

Now as you can see, the artwork is starting to look better than it has ever done before. This is the result of hard work which started back in 2012. 

What is the plan for 2016?

The plan for 2016 is having one or two books out in December on the 22nd. However priority is with the danish edition but i'll try the best i can to have the english translation run parallel to the other. Should i manage doing that it'll be a double language publish that year. 

Until i have more news, this is what i can tell you so far. The books have never been this close!

Until then, take care!

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