29. maj 2015

not much

sketch of coming logo for the series
Not much..
But still a few things to report none the less. The english translations are slowly moving forward. As of this moment i'm still working on the 2nd draft of the first chapter in The story of Dagmar.

Meanwhile, as my art is begining to improve, i thought it was time to refresh the "image" of my series. This being done by first, renewing the logo.

As F 477 was one of the first engines to be introduced to the danish railway series, its still gonna be in the new logo. However this time it'll be joined by "Odin" (denmarks first steam engine) and the red highspeed train from 1935. Both to illustrate some important moments in danish railway history!

So thats all for this time chaps, i'm gonna keep you all up-to-date on whats happening :) cause i'll do my best  to have some books out next year, and if i have to say so myself: My recent improvement on the art makes the books something to look forward to, EVEN FOR ME!

Anyway, stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend.

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