20. aug. 2015


New logo and updates on snippets

The new TDRS logo in all its glory.
As you can see, the previously mentioned logo is now complete, or actually its some time ago but i forgot to tell you guys. That thing about having two blogs running in each their language isn't easy you know.

Even so i'll try to get you more up to date! 

After the logo was complete, work on a series of snippets was put into action. These were to serve as test so that i could practice before jumping into any official book work.

One test was Elias and the highspeed train which i'm gonna redo now that i've practiced with another book.

The "other book" is of course The story of Dagmar which is due to arrive together with the Elias book in 2016. 

With the Dagmar snippet i had the chance to try out some new techniques which actually are improving my art, to a state that i'm getting impressed. 

And i hope you'll be too the day when i finnish off my books.

Meanwhile you can always follow the progress on this blog, well between the times that i actually remember to put something up here! 

Thats all i had for now, i'll be back at some point with more news when there's more to tell :) 
~Sebastian, the author

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