2. sep. 2015

new engines joining!

A new character making his first debut to the TDRS!

Hawthorn (right) is one of the many new engines you can meet in The story of Dagmar
Alot of things are happening right for the TDRS. During writing a lot of new faces appear and new characters are formed. 

Hawthorn however, is NOT one of those. I first thought of him in 2013 when i was having thoughts about a book telling random tales from the very early times of railways in Denmark. 

The idea was to tell the story of how he and his siblings was rebuilt from tender engines to shunters in the early 1900's. 

This idea of course havent changed but introducing him to the series this early on is! 

But exactly how and when i'd still like to keep secret (hehe).

All i can say is: he's gonna be a very interesting part of the story. 

And thats all folks! see you soon!

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