28. nov. 2015

Good news and a handover of a print!

Very exciting news!

The author with foreman of the DBJ society
I'm so sorry you guys, i've not been online enough to keep you foreigners up-to-date!

With that said i better take the chance to do so. Lately alot of things have been going on with my project and i've finally been able to get some of the equipment that i've been needing the last years and which i havent been able to fund.

But now i have it and with the right softwares downloaded i might just be able to secure the dates for project 2016.

On other news i've been producing some artwork for heritage societies and the first in a long line is now complete. Its a print for the Bornholm railway society which are trying hard to recreate a lost piece of railway, between Balka and Nexø on the island of Bornholm.
the print in its frame on the table at the DBJ stand.

Because of this i tried to imagine how Balka would look as a modern heritage railway station and illustrated this for the society, however it was meant to be a gift so i kept it a secret until the day i could hand it over!

I saw the chance to hand it over at the annual christmas market on the Bornholm ferry in Koge on zealand, where people from all over Bornholm comes to show their work and products, including the DBJ society. As always the foreman was there with two other members to sell merchandise and because of a tv appearance earlier this year, he was quick to recognize me.

We chatted for a duration before i showed him the print and handed it over to him, as i did so a broad smile formed on his face. I told him all the ideas i had imagined for the railway and he agreed to my ideas and told me the general plan and actually requested if the society could use it for own use, and of course they could that!

We continued talking about my print and the railways and he was more than happy to hear that i actually wanted to do more artwork for them and illustrating the railway they are fighting so hard to get up and running. We arranged to have further contact carried by email and he also told me that he would send me some PDF files they'd made when they were planning the early stages of the railway.

Oh and i almost forgot, he was so happy for the print that he gave me one of the books they had on sale, and told he considered it a fair traide!

and after a very good talk i've returned home with a pile of great ideas and alot of inspiration for this coming collaboration.

With all that i hope to have more to tell you soon, these are indeed exciting times!

Sebastian Berthelsen

The print in all its glory, unframed. Showing DBJ 16 with two wagons and a fictive engine (AGJ 23) on the right.

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