1. jan. 2016

Happy new year!

Farewel 2015, Hello 2016!

We're saying farewell to 2015 and what a year its been!

A year which seemed at first to be like any other for the project, namely with me the author, being so sure that this would be the year where I would launch the danish railway series with the publish of the first two books. However instead of continuing like the previous years with a short term plan I decided to go for a longer term plan.

It was because of this that project 2016 was created. The project was different by the fact it had a date and a detailed plan for the goals needed before the acutal publish of what i'd like to refer to as: “a new era for the danish railway series”.

Because ever since my first book was cancelled in 2015, the project have been somewhat “bookless” in the way that it was on standby, while i've been trying to find out which way to go with my project.

The choice was to keep on working on the historic, while trying to keep the adventurous feeling about it to catch the interest amongst younger readers.

This resulted in that the two books choosen for project 2016, began to move in different directions. While the 3rd attempt of my first book of denmarks first highspeed train began to sound like something for the older children, the other book (the story of dagmar) began to move towards the younger children, namely the pre-teen group.

And speaking of “the story of Dagmar”, the collaboration between project D 825 and The danish railway series is still very much alive. As recent as this december a gift was sent to Aalborg and very much welcomed by the project leader and the rest of the project.

But Project D 825 isn't the only one to receive a gift from the TDRS. The Bornholm based railway project, the DBJ society have also been given something from the project. On a Bornholm themed christmas market on Zealand, I presented a special drawing to the members of the society and the foreman was so happy that I was given a free book!

the author with the foreman of the DBJ

With this happiness that my project's gifts brings, it has moved my projects towards different ways of supporting and also spreading the danish railway history.

Cause 2015 was also a year which stood in the sign of progress, namely the art!

Though in early 2015 there wasn't much to come after. Illustrations of the project was something to celebrate and facebook audience didn't seem to like it very much.

Therefore I needed to come up with a new plan and fast. Then as a stroke of luck, my art tools (tablet/drawing pad) began working again and before long I was working fulltime to catch up on my skills!

From drawings that had no appeal what so ever, to end up with drawings that really was something to show to the world; was something that I hope not only I but the current and coming audience of the danish railway series will enjoy.

For now lets face forward, for the times ahead.

Will 2016 be the year of our first books?

For now I have no idea, but rest asured that I will work hard as much as I can. So that I can proudly present to books in december!

What's left now is only to ask you all a happy new year and hoping to see you all for more news this year.

                 The author.

        Sebastian J Berthelsen.

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