22. mar. 2016


Sketches and lots of em'!

A sketch of a scene from the coming "Elias and the highspeed train"
I must start by apologizing that I have not updated this site so much since new year. The reason is that I have been busy working on my drawings and especially the work of writing everything needed to write the books before I can publish them.

As for what I've drawn it virtually to both of my project 2016 books.

But the work has so far not been problem-free, since I have a bit of writing blockade and generally found it a little difficult to keep the work going.

But despite the problems, things are moving ahead slowly and I still hope to be able to publish here in 2016, but it becomes harder and harder to believe when the work list gets longer and longer with things like research, the drawings as well as text to be written.

But even if I do not have time to get my books out this year then there's still some of the drawings that will go into a printed book. The book will be titled "a year of trainspotting 2015" and will mostly consist of pictures but will also contain 5 illustrations!

                                                                                                   Well, that was all for now, see you!
A sketch for "A year of trainspotting 2015"

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