22. maj 2016


the first commercial for "Elias and the highspeed train"
first poster for "The story of Dagmar"

As you can see the first artwork is starting to appear, however for the time being its only commercial art.

Meanwhile the writing is still going on at a steady pace, currently only in Danish. Translation will follow when the writing is complete and will then be sent on to the editor of the series.

This work might take a while as we both have something to correct each time from each others edits. But whatever duration the books will be out within the next year or so. All the effort in making these is being put in as much as possible.

The deadline for project 2016 is still uncertain if it will succeed but right till the last second will i try to complete it in time. Not easy when you have to produce a book in two languages!

until next time!
Sebastian Berthelsen

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