1. jan. 2017

Goodbye 2016 and hello to 2017

The TDRS christmas card for 2015

Farewell to project 2016

- and other plans for the future. 

The year 2016 started out with alot of hopes and dreams for the 2014 started project, project 2016. 

Unfortunately the year proved difficult with alot of challenges, which resulted in the cancelling of project 2016. 

But even though this project was cancelled, alot of other succeeded. 

Two posters which were made for the DBJ society
The year started with the continued collaboration with the DBJ society. In april two drawings were delivered at their museum during a visit by the SHS .

This collaboration between both parties has proven to bring much joy to both, and according to the society itself, one of the TDRS' drawings have been used on many of their lectures. 

A new thing was tried out in 2016 and that was "livestreams"where i could draw live and at the same time tell you updates on my projects. The first streams were in english but were later changed to danish streams on the facebook page.

Even though the amount of viewers have changed from stream to stream, it is my plan to do more streams in 2017. The idea for this being at least one stream per week or month. 

Speaking og drawing earlier, much progress has been going on in the last year. Thanks to another year of practice it looks like 2017 is gonna be another great year full of art. 

On the writing side in 2016 however, writing has been in slow progress due to writers block, and mostly it was limited to a few pages written now and then. 

It was due to this reason that i halfway through the year, decided to cancel project 2016. 

It is due to this that i've decided that 2017 is gonna be focused around the writing. But making a book isn't exactly child's play, so lets wait and see if this will be possible in due time. 

Because 2017 is going to be a busy year in many ways, besides having this series going on for its 5th year, another project "portrait of a danish loco" is due to publish its first episode focusing on the K-class locomotive of 1894. 

and last but not least, i'd like to wish you all a happy new year! 


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