7. feb. 2017

First update of the year

- And the books are well underway

Test illustration for Elias and the highspeed train
As 2016 was a very quiet year on the blog (with only 3 posts) I thought i'd try and make up for it by posting more frequent updates on the books in 2017.

We're only 2 months into the new year but already there's alot of progress. As of this moment another chapter has been finished, which narrows it down to 2 more chapters being needed for Elias and the highspeed train. 

As for the other book The story of Dagmar, Two chapters are coming along nicely, these were also worked on in 2016 but are expected to be finished this year, narrowing it down to three more chapters being needed for this one. . 

Other than that its pretty much the usual, drawings are progressing and as of this year something new, it's back in buisness for the series of SJB Media 1996: A year of trainspotting. At the moment the 2015 and 2016 editions are being worked on and is expected to release during march.

And with this first update i wish you all a nice year! 


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