20. aug. 2017

Still going strong!

An example of the new artstyle

Apologies for a delayed update!

But non the less an update worth waiting for!

I want to firstly apologize for not having updated you guys sooner, as i've promised at the beginning of the year. On the other hand i feel like i've more to tell you now that i would have had earlier. 

Fírst and foremost, progress is clearly seen on the writing of my books. Elias and the highspeed train is already over half way done, and The story of Dagmar is not that far behind. I truly hope to have the latter over halfway done before the end of the autumn. This will make do everything i can to finnish the last bit of writing in 2018 and then my goal for a full publish in 2019, might be more realistic than ever before!

Then there's my new art style. For the past weeks, i've been experimenting with a new art style, and the illustration on the top of the page, is the result of my experimenting. I truly love the result myself and i'm looking forward to implementing it on my illustrations for the books. 

Furthermore, i've begun livestreaming again on my new facebook page: SJB Media 1996 art

With that, i'll be signing off again, i hope to be back before Christmas with more updates! 

Kind regards

Sebastian Berthelsen
Author and Webmaster

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